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A successful launch requires...

To successfully launch your eBook and get to the top of Amazon, you need a good promo strategy.

Let's look at the next step in launching an eBook on Amazon.  

This is a continuing breakdown of how I'm launching a new ebook you can grab for free here (the free promotion starts from tomorrow).

And, of course, the more people who get a free copy, the better the book does which helps us flesh out this guide.  

If you're following along, at this stage, you should have...

  • A well written and designed eBook
  • Have entered it into KDP Select for the free promotion
  • Had Amazon add your book to multiple relevant categories

Now it's time to leverage that 5-day period of it being free to your benefit.  

You want to get as many free "sales" as possible. If you can get enough, you should end up as the #1 most popular free book in a given category.  

Here's what I'd recommend.  

Step 1 - Leverage your existing friends and network

I'm doing this right now by emailing you about the eBook.  

You'll also have an existing network you can leverage. Ask as many of your...

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Collegaues
  • Email list / audience

... as possible to get the book for free. Make sure they know it's free and that simply downloading it will really help you out.  

And don't just do this once.

Make sure you're reminding people over the free 5-day period about this. You want multiple sales over the full 5-days to get the best results.

Step 2 - Share to your social accounts

Wherever you're most active, be it Facebook, Twitter, Snap, LinkedIn, TikTok or even YouTube, build-out daily shares for the full free period to drive interest.

I would also highly recommend using the Eddie Shleyner method of using your email list to increase engagement and reach of your social posts.  

I'm going to show you how that works now by asking you to help with the social posts for my new book.  

I'm active on LinkedIn and Twitter. I'll pre-write shares that follow the best guidelines and templates for effective sharing.  

Then I'll ask you to go to the platform and drop a...

  1. Like
  2. Share
  3. Comment including a relevant hashtag.

In this case, that would be one of the below.  

  • #crypto
  • #cryptocurrency
  • #cryptoscam
  • #NFT
  • #blockchain

So, if you could do that on the below, I'd really appreciate it.  

If you could drop a like, comment, and share, I'd really appreciate it.  

And make sure you're also sharing other pieces of social content to promote the book through the 5-day period.  

Step 3 - Leverage relevant communities

Whatever your topic, there will be...

  • Facebook Groups
  • Slack Communities
  • Discord Communities
  • Forums

... filled with ideal customers and readers.  

Your job is to go to these places every single day and repurpose your social posts within them.

Make sure you mention it's a free eBook in the posts. If you do this well and offer value in the posts instead of just saying "get this now" you should drive some good engagement.  

Step 4 - Free book syndication sites and communities

In addition to topic communities, you'll also find a number of communities that are focused only on free eBooks.  

Here's a few to get you started.

There are plenty of places that rely on you supplying them with freebies to promote.  

I reckon they use affiliate links to then get a commission if the person buys anything else from Amazon in the near future. So make use of them.  

Step 5 - Paid promotion

And finally, you may want to consider running paid promos.

These could be through Facebook and Google or even Amazon ads.  

You could also look at sponsoring relevant newsletters or running paid promos through many book focused sites that sell ad space.  

That's it for this one.

If you make sure that there are daily promos going out to relevant audiences every single day throughout your free promo period, you should manage to generate a few hundred "sales".

Tomorrow we'll look at some other long term promo acts.  

Until then,


P.S - If you want to actually get my book and help out with its own ranking you can get a copy for free right here.