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A little secret to reducing bounce on landing pages

Improve your site's landing pages with this simple formula.

How do you turn a generic landing page into a lasting first impression?

Honestly, it's not that hard.  

A while back I spent months analysing successful landing pages to find commonalities.

And there's one area that lets 90% of landing pages down.  

The "above the fold" section.

The above the fold section is super important (and often crap)

Thing is, it has a super important job.  

It's gotta hook attention and build enough interest to get people to scroll down.

Unfortunately, most fail. The average bounce rate without any scrolling sits at around 50%.  

What causes this? Well, the 2 most common mistakes I see are...

  • Writing way too much
  • Being far too buzzwordy yet vague

Both are efforts to communicate the value of the offer.

Both fall flat.

The first cause it's too much work to pick out the key point.  The second because no one understand vague generalities.  

Thankfully, there's a simple system to writing an above the fold section that works.
After analysing hundreds of pages (which I marked up and shared on an old site), I spotted a common thread.  

Great above the fold sections cover 4 main areas.

  1. How
  2. What
  3. Why
  4. Show

How, What, Why are in the copy of the headline, subhead, and description.  
You need to explain succinctly...

  1. What your offer is
  2. How it actually helps the user
  3. Why they should choose you over the competition

And then there should be some form of image showing the product or service.
Something to give potential customers a flavour of what they'll get.

If you can get these elements into the above the fold section, you'll have a better performing page.  

I'm adding a detailed template for this and the rest of my landing page template to the new templates bundle.

You can reserve access for when it goes live by signing up below.  

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